Full Circle Acupuncture has been created to help you complete your circle of health care. It is here to offer you the profound healing benefits of traditional Chinese medicine in conjunction with the care you are currently receiving from other healthcare providers. We will educate you about this form of medicine and advocate for you to receive the best health care possible. We provide effective, experienced, and specialized care to achieve your healthcare goals and promote your overall well-being.




Traditional Chinese Medicine

At Full Circle clinic we serve our patients using the tools of Traditional Chinese medicine, which include: Acupuncture, herbal therapy, moxibustion, cupping, Tuina, dietary/supplement recommendations and lifestyle guidance. 

Fertility & pregnancy treatments

Our focus is on women’s health and fertility. We help our patients overcome fertility obstacles gynecological issues, and the emotional stress/roller coaster that often times accompanies these challenges.

General conditions

In addition to treating fertility and pregnancy concerns, we also treat general conditions. The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture as a safe and effective modality for treating many disorders and diseases


Herbal Medicine

Along with Acupuncture, another significant and profound pillar of TCM is the use of Chinese herbs. We prescribe herbal blends that work synergistically to promote healing and balance for specific conditions. Our herbs are pure and natural. We only carry and recommend herbs from companies that have been tested for safety and purity. You can expect your prescription to come in powder, capsule or pill form.




Our practice is located in the heart of the Tangletown neighborhood between Wallingford and Greenlake.  We have two comfortable rooms that are designed to provide the maximum amount of comfort and peace to our patients.

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